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At the church center, Markrankstädter Str. 1, 04229 Leipzig

Youth Church - This is the special church service for teenagers and young adults: with a band and live music, dance and skits as well as a real-life message, it is very different from traditional church services.

Here you can get to konw God and experience how he changes your life. Here you can also find answers to your qestions and hope for your life. This is also the place where you can experience miracles and change through the Holy Spirit. And here we also tell you about how we have personally experienced Jesus and why it is the coolest thing to belong to him.

But it doesn´t end there - after the church service the “After Youth Church Party“ starts. With dancing, table soccer, ping pong, tasty snacks and drinks, personal conversations, time for questions and the chance for many cool new friends.

Youth Church takes place once a month.

Youth Church in Leipzig