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Under the covering of TOS Ministries International missionaries of TOS are working in Eastern Europe among drug addicts and in Latin America among street children. “Compassion now – Help for Ever”. For further information and contact details refer to the web site of TOS Ministries International at www.tos-ministries.org

Los Transformadores/ Streetwork and Children´s House

Leaders: Ralf and Elke Steinmetz

Contact: tosparaguay(at)lostransformadores.com

Asunción/ Paraguay

Center for Healing and Rehabilitation

Leaders: Sergei and Julia Pischalo

Contact: mailbox(at)tos.info

Ostrovcici/ Belarus

Los Transformadores/ Streetwork and Children´s House

Pastores: Dr. Harald and Regine Dewald

Contact: tosla(at)lostransformadores.com

Lima/ Peru

Los Transformadores - Transformation Center for Street Children

Leader: Monika Neff

Contact: tosbolivia(at)lostransformadores.com

Sucre/ Bolivia

Los Transformadores - Day Care Center and Children’s House

Leader: Sole and Nilo Gutierrez

Contact: tosjujuy(at)lostransformadores.com

Jujuy/ Argentinia

Contact center for Drug addicts

Leaders: Sascha and Julia Vavilow

Contact: mailbox(at)tos.info

Svetlagorsk/ Belarus

Contact center and pioneer team

Leader: Jana Schmidt

Contact: mailbox(at)tos.info

Tjumen/ Siberia

Contact work and pioneer team

Leaders: Christos and Olga Kalpakidis

Contact: mailbox(at)tos.info

Thessaloniki/ Greece

Ministry Among Street Children

Drug rehabilitation