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... To the website of TOS Leipzig, a pentecostal-charismatic church. On the following pages you will find many event descriptions as well as background information. Enjoy viewing our site, you are invited to get to know us.

Stefan Haas (Pastor)

Please note: We moved to Markranstädter Str. 1

A warm welcome...


This is the special church service for teenagers and young adults: with band and live music, dance and skits as well as a real-life message, it is very different from traditional church services.

Youth Church


The Holy Spirit Service
Receive more from the Holy Spirit and experience more signs, wonders and changes. Freedom night - that is the name of the TOS Church Services every Saturday evening at 7:30 pm.

Freedom Night


Every Sunday, 4 - 6 pm, church service event open to the public - with dancing, worshipping, the Word of God, prayer for healing and personal testimonies… Welcome!
At the same time: Kid`s Church

Church Service


An exhibition about the 1000 years of jewigh history in Leipzig, which is a changeful history for Jews.

The centre within the exhibition is the persecution in national socialism and the role Leipzig played in it.

Never Again - Exhibition


Every Wednesday afternoon from 3 to 5:30 pm in the church facilities: time for fellowship, conversations, coffee and cake, games for young and old, questions, help with homework…

Open Doors


Every Tuesday evening the cell groups of the TOS church Leipzig meet in different houses and flats.

Cell groups

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Exactly on the 70th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence of the State of Israel, from May 13 -15, 2018, we are bringing the March of Life to Jerusalem – come and join representatives of the Israeli government, Israelis from all spheres of society and Christians from every corner of the earth to honor Holocaust survivors and to make a clear statement of solidarity and friendship with Israel – and against modern anti-Semitism.