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Markrankstädter Str. 1, 04229 Leipzig

An exhibition about jewish history in Leipzig - temporarily closed

Never again!

An exhibition about the 1000 years of jewigh history in Leipzig, which is a changeful history for Jews.

The centre within the exhibition is the persecution in national socialism and the role Leipzig played in it. Facts and eyewitness accounts show a true-to-life picture of the city.

Informationen about the March-of-Life-movement: Predecessors of Nazis discover their family history, the involvement in the guilt of the Nazi time and break the veil of silence in their families. On „Marches of Life“ they initiate remembrance and reconciliation events on places of the Holocaust and find the words their fathers and grandfathers did not. At the same time they raise their voice against modern antisemitism.

Since 2007 the March of Life has taken place in 14 nations and more than 109 cities in cooperation between Christians and Jewish communities. 2011 the movement has been honored by the Knesset in Israel for their exceptional commitment for Holocaust survivors.

Temporarily closed.

Requests are welcome at any time. And as it is a mobile exhibition, please also feel free to request it, if you want to exhibit „Never again!“ as part of any other event.

Excluded - accepted - tolerated - persecuted - reconciled?