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At the Church center, Markrankstädter Str. 1, 04229 Leipzig - Schleußig

Every Saturday 7:30 pm to 10 pm and every Sunday 4 pm to 6 pm - Church Service open to the public - with dancing, worshipping, the Word of God, prayer for healing and personal testimones. Welcome!

Sundays 4 pm-6 pm

Church Service in Leipzig

Guests are very welcome to the Church Services of the TOS Leipzig. Come in and enjoy the presence of God. If you have questions or need help, our staff near the entrance are available to help.

If you are there for the first time ...

On Sundays, during the Church Service, a children´s program for various age classes is taking place. The children of guests are also very welcome. Speak to our staff around the entrace.

At the same time: Kid´s Church

Sunday, at 4 pm: Church service, Große Steinstraße 35, 06108 Halle an der Saale

More information: Tel: 0341-8793305, Webseite www.tos-halle.de

Halle a. d. Saale

TOS Church services in other cities

Saturday at 8 pm and Sunday at 4 pm: Church service, TOS New Church Center, Eisenbahnstr. 126, 72072 Tübingen

More information : Tel: 07071-35600, Webseite www.tos-tuebingen.de


Saturday 7:30 pm: Church service, Luisenstr.1, 72461 Albstadt-Tailfingen  

More information: Tel: 07071-360920, Webseite www.tos-tailfingen.de


Sunday, at 4 pm: Church service, Ueckermünder Arche, Geschwister Scholl Str. 9c, 17373 Ueckermünde

More information: Tel: 039771-59716, Webseite www.tos-vorpommern.de